What are some landforms created by glaciers as they move across the landscape and as they melt?

The Glaciers Have Created These Landforms

Large masses of slowly-moving ice known as glaciers have had an enormous impact on the landscape throughout history. Glaciers create landforms as they move through the landscape. As they melt they leave behind more. They can be subtle or dramatic and can reveal a lot about the past of an area. Glaciers can create large valleys as well as steep U-shaped valleys. You may find moraines (solidified rock or sediment) left behind by glaciers. Glaciers can also leave behind large lakes like Lake Tahoe in California when they recede. They can also leave behind huge mounds or eskers of sediment, long and winding ridges, known as kames, (Mishra 2016). Glaciers can also form arêtes, which are sharp ridges of rock formed where two glaciers meet, as well as horns, which are pointed peaks formed when three or more glaciers meet (National Park Service, 2016).

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