What are pros and cons of neo natal care? The Pros and Cons of Neo Natal Care

Neo Natal Care’s Pros and Con

Neonatal care refers to the special care that is given to infants who have been born preterm or with health complications. Although neonatal care may be an integral part in saving lives and helping infants survive, it does have its drawbacks. One of the benefits to neonatal care is that it helps identify and treat any health concerns in infants before they develop into major problems. It can help to treat many problems such as infections and jaundice. Neonatal care may also be able to help prevent the long-term problems associated with premature births (Gardner and al., 2016). Additionally, it promotes healthy development in infants, and can reduce the likelihood of developmental delays (Krisanda und al., 2002).
However, there are some cons to neonatal care. For example, the cost and potential side effects of medication. Ventilators, for example, are quite intrusive and can increase the chance of infection (Fanti, Gardner, and others, 2016). Long-term ventilation and surgery can have a negative impact on the long-term outcomes of infants who receive them (Krisanda, 2021).

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