What are antioxidants and how do they function in regards to human health? What are Antioxidants and How Do They Affect Human Health?

What are antioxidants? How do they impact human health? 

Antioxidants can be molecules capable of decreasing the oxidation rate of other molecules within the body. Oxidation, a natural reaction that happens when molecules interact with oxygen, can result in cellular damage and even disease. The body’s protection against illnesses and oxidation is a key role played by antioxidants. Although the body produces antioxidants naturally, most antioxidants are obtained from what we eat. There are many sources of antioxidants. These include fruits and vegetables as well as certain drinks like green tea. Antioxidants counter free radicals. These are molecules that have unpaired electrons and can damage cells. Antioxidants help protect cells by giving electrons to the free radicals. This stabilizes them. This protects cells membranes, proteins and DNA from damage (Afaq. et. al., 2016). By reducing inflammation, cell damage and protecting the body against chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer (Mazza and al. (2018)). The immune system may be boosted by antioxidants, which can make it easier for the body fight infections. These antioxidants can help reduce the incidence of eye diseases, and protect your eyes. Cont…

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