watch the video “William Ury: Getting to Yes” on YouTube.provide a short analysis of this idea William Ury proposes of the “negotiation revolution,”William Ury Negotiation Revolution

William Ury Negotiation Revolution

Ury’s video “William Ury” explains the notion of “Negotiation Revolution,” where people and companies shift the focus away from losing and winning to find mutually-beneficial solutions. This approach could lead to better and more lasting solutions in conflict situations, he argues. This idea was supported by a specific line from the video: “The best way to solve a problem is one which meets both the needs of the parties.” (Ury, 2020). This notion aligns with healthy conflict. In this scenario, individuals and groups can work toward a productive and respectful resolution of differences. It is crucial to look for mutually beneficial solutions, rather than trying to conquer or win over the other party. This will help maintain healthy conflict. This video provides a guideline for colleagues to respond to: How can organizations and individuals change their negotiation approach so they focus on finding mutually advantageous solutions, rather than trying to win the other side out?

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