Topic: QPCR Outline the molecular nature of the disease and clinicalfphenotypical manifestations of importance. The Molecular Nature and Clinical Phenotypical Manifestations of Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR: The Molecular Nature and Clinical Phenotypical Manifestations

The powerful method of quantitative polymerase chain reactions (qPCR), has evolved over time and can be used to diagnose genetic diseases such as cancer and genetic mutations. qPCR uses specific primers and fluorescent probes that detect and amplify the target DNA and RNA sequences. It has been a valuable tool in the identification and quantification nucleic acids sequences. This allows for rapid and sensitive diagnosis of many diseases (Vorontsova and al. 2020). If the molecular basis of the disease is known, qPCR will detect and quantify the presence a specific DNA orRNA sequence. The results can then be used to diagnose and quantify many mutations. One example is qPCR which can be used for diagnosing and monitoring certain diseases. Cont….

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