Tongue rolling (T) is dominant to not being able to roll your tongue (t). A woman who can roll her tongue marries a man who cannot. Their first child can roll. What are the genotypes of mother, father and child? Genotypes of Mother, Father, and Child in Tounge Rolling

Genotypes of Mom, Father, and Youngster in Tongue Rolling

Tongue rolling (T) is the dominant trait over not having the ability to roll your tongue (t) (Kim, 2020). A lady who can roll her tongue marries a person who can’t, and their first little one can roll. To find out the genotypes of the mom, father and little one, we should take a look at the potential mixtures of the traits. The mom’s genotype should be TT, as she will be able to roll her tongue, whereas the daddy’s genotype is tt, as he can’t roll his tongue (Choi, 2021). The kid’s genotype may very well be both TT, Tt or tt. The almost certainly mixture is Tt, as it’s the mixture of the mom’s dominant trait and the daddy’s recessive trait. In conclusion, the genotypes of the mom, father, and little one are TT, tt, and Tt respectively. Each dad and mom contribute a T and a t to their little one, permitting the dominant trait of tongue rolling to be expressed of their little one. Cont…

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