Today microcontrollers are present in many of the household appliances of home. Mention at least 6 household appliances in a typical home that have microcontrollers for its operation, explaining in each case what the function is particular of this. The Growing Role of Microcontrollers in Household Appliances

The Growing Role Of Microcontrollers In Household Appliances 

In recent years, microcontrollers have become more common in appliances. Almost every part of a modern house now has one. This tiny chip powers and controls a variety of household appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines, as well as devices such security cameras and smart thermostats. Here’s a quick overview of the six most common household appliances that use microcontrollers, and their uses. Microcontrollers are used to control the water temperature and spin speed of washing machines to provide thorough cleaning. The controllers enable washers to program their water use and even save the settings for particular types of clothes and fabrics. A second feature is that refrigerators can now be equipped with microcontrollers. These allow them to manage temperatures and humidity, and other settings such as ice maker and defrost cycles. This ensures that food remains in good condition and helps to reduce energy consumption. (Perez 2020). A third feature is that some vacuum cleaners have microcontrollers. These allow you to control the suction and optimize the cleaning of specific surfaces. This ensures that. Cont…

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