This assignment focusses on pharmaceutical approaches to some common chronic diseases

The Review of Statins and Cholesterol

Statins, a group of medications that lower cholesterol (Lau and al. 2016, 2016). High cholesterol levels can lead to stroke and heart disease. It is crucial that these levels are kept within healthy limits. Statins block an enzyme that makes cholesterol in the liver. The blood levels of cholesterol are reduced, and this can reduce your risk of developing heart disease or stroke (Szeto, 2021). Clinical trials have shown that statins are effective in reducing cholesterol. Numerous meta-analyses were conducted in order to evaluate the impact of statins on cholesterol and other cardiovascular outcomes. Statins have been shown to reduce cholesterol by as much as 30% and lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke (Huseini and al., 2016).
The evidence supports statins as a way to lower cholesterol, reduce stroke risk and prevent heart disease. Statins are best used with lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and healthy eating habits. This can have an impact on your cholesterol and overall health.

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