Think about community policing strategies by explaining the history of the concept, current trends, and future? Community Policing Trends Tech

Tech Trends in Community Policing

The policing philosophy of community policing emphasizes officers’ need to be in close contact with the communities to tackle crime and disorder. This concept is a well-established one, and dates back to early 20th century, when local police departments experimented with new ways to build relationships with the community and solve social problems. (Garcia 2020). As many departments recognize the value of strengthening trust within their communities, community policing has seen a renewed emphasis in recent years. A new trend is community policing, which can be used to tackle racial or social inequalities (Larson 2019, 2019). The evolution of community police has been aided by technology. The use of social media, for example, has enabled police departments to better communicate with the community and gain intelligence on potential threats (Jurkovich 2020). Data analytics have also allowed police departments better target their resources, resulting in a more effective and efficient approach to community policing. (Garcia 2020).

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