The Trickster of the Kawuneeche Valley: An Evaluation.

Evaluation of The Trickster from the Kawuneeche Valley

In his article “Trickster in the Rockies: Coyote in the Kawuneeche Valley”, Andrews (2015) argues that the Kawuneeche Valley is a trickster, meaning that it does not play by the normal rules of physical geography, ecology, and human geography. To support his argument, Andrews (2015) provides an example of how the Kawuneeche Valley has “fooled” geologists and other scientists for centuries. He explains that erosion has occurred across the entire valley, even though the highest point is in the middle. According to Andrews (2015), this is an example of how the Kawuneeche Valley has “fooled” geologists, who would typically expect erosion to occur more significantly at the lower points of the valley. Andrews (2015) argues that this example is evidence of the valley’s trickster nature. He suggests that the valley has done the unexpected and “played a trick” on geologists by eroding across its entire length. It can be explained by a number of processes such as Cont…

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