The Role of the Pachycephalosaurus’ Thick Domed Skull

The Pachycephalosaurus’ Thick Domed Skull and its Role

Pachycephalosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur that was characterized by its domed skull, was a species of Pachycephalosaurus. It is not clear what this skull was used for, though it is widely believed that it was intended for head-butting or other aggressive interactions between males. (Chin 2019). The fact that these skulls have the highest domes and are thickest, supports this belief (Gates et al. 2016, 2016). Pachycephalosaurus was probably able to head-butt other men, which is a crucial tool. The behavior was used to create dominance among males as well as to protect against predators (Chin 2019, 2019). Pachycephalosaurus would have been able to headbutt without injury due to the skull’s solid structure and thick dome. The skull’s large and prominent size would also have served as a signal of dominance. This allowed the male to prevail over other animals without needing physical confrontation. It is hard to ignore the importance of Pachycephalosaurus’ thick, domed skull.

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