The role of microtubules in cytokinesis is currently under extensive research, what you propose about the possible role of microtubules in promoting the formation of furrow? And how you make sure that what you propose is realistic and possibly correct? The Role of Microtubules in Cytokinesis and its Potential Role in Promoting Furrow Formation

A Review of the Role and Potential Impact of Microtubules on Cytokinesis, as well as its Role in Promoting Furrow Formation

The eukaryotic cell division machinery, microtubules, is a component of the eukaryotic Cytoskeleton. Microtubules are associated with cell division, which is the process whereby one cell splits into two. New research suggests that microtubules might be involved in the promotion of the furrow structure, as seen in the middle of cytokinesis. Understanding the behavior and structure of microtubules is essential to understanding the role they could play in encouraging furrow formation. A protein tubulin-based dynamic polymer, microtubules form a cylindrical structure. You can quickly assemble them and break them down, grow and shrink. Microtubules interact with the contractile rings, an actin filament- and myosin-2 structure that constricts cells during cytokinesis. Microtubules could interact with contractile rings to regulate furrow formation and provide tension (Gruenbaum, Tyska, 2022). Microtubules could play an important role in contractile ring tension. However, they may also be involved in cytokinesis as they provide a platform for other proteins to position. Some proteins such as central spindle protein have been shown to be associated with microtubules. This may help in positioning the contractile rings and the formation. Cont…

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