The removal of fine particles by wind in a desert region may result in the formation…The Role of Wind in the Formation of Dust Storms in Desert Regions

What Role Does Wind Play in Dust Storm Formation in Desert Regions?

Desert regions are often subject to dust storms. Dust storms are a common phenomenon in desert regions. They can disrupt human activities including ground and air transportation and cause respiratory illnesses. Strong winds are responsible for removing fine particles from desert soil. Deflation refers to the erosion of soil by taking out particles like silt or sand from the top of the earth. The high temperatures and low humidity of desert areas create strong winds that can form and damage the top layer. The winds carry away the soil, which can lead to dust storms. (Khalili and al., 2018, 2018). The unique environment in desert areas allows for the possibility of deflation. Low humidity and fast winds create ideal conditions to allow wind to cause desert’s surface to become eroded. The wind then transports this material, creating dust storms (Khalili and al., 2018,). The material becomes smaller as it travels, which leads to the formation of thick dust clouds…

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