The Process of Recovering Gold from Alluvial and Hard Rock Mines

Methods of recovering gold from hard and alluvial mines

It is complex to recover gold from hard and alluvial mines. There are many steps involved. Flowsheets can be used to visualize and organise the different steps and help understand the project’s scope. The article “Using flowsheets to recover gold from mine tailings and wastes” will explain the steps involved in creating a flowsheet. The first step to recovering gold from mines is usually the alluvial material containing small gold particles, typically ranging in size from 200-200 microns. You can use a number of methods to remove the gold particles. These include gravity separation and centrifugal separation. Chemical leaching is often used to separate the particles and extract gold. Chemical leaching can be used to extract gold from hard rocks such as greenstone. This is because the quartz vein or streak contains the precious metal (Recovering Gold From Hard Rock Concentrates”, no. 2). A series of chemical reactions is used to extract the gold from the ore. Gold recovery from mines can be complex. The flowsheets can be used to visualize the process and organize the data.

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