The Process of Producing Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Production of Eucalyptus essential oil

Because of its many therapeutic and medicinal benefits, Eucalyptus oil is highly prized. This essential oil is produced using a complicated process of extracting and distillation to retain its healing powers (Rouhier 2019, 2019). The desired oil properties can be extracted using one of the following methods: extracting with coconut oil with water, extract with ethanol-water mix, steam extraction, and extraction with steam. Coconut oil extraction is milder and produces a lighter scent. This is where the essential oil from the Eucalyptus leaves are extracted by placing them in carrier oils, like coconut oil. (Rouhier 2019). The method is gentle and slow. This results in oil that has a better quality than oils produced using other methods. The extraction using water is much quicker than that of coconut oil. The essential oil is extracted by boiling the leaves in water. The boiling of oil can result in oil of lower quality. However, it may cause oil to lose some of its healing properties.

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