The predominant soil order in Hawaii and Iceland are andisols. Why? (hint: what do they have in common?) Soil Orders of Hawaii and Iceland: Comparing Andisols

Comparison of Andisols: Soil Orders in Hawaii and Iceland

Both the soils in Hawaii and Iceland share many similarities due to their geologic history. Andisols are the soil type that has resulted from volcanic activity. Both Iceland and Hawaii have had this kind of volcanic activity in their past. Andisols (or volcanic ash soils) are distinguished by high levels of mineral allophane. This is formed through weathering volcanic rocks. They are often highly weathered and acidic and have many nutrients which are good for plant growth (Cresser and colleagues, 2017). Both in Hawaii and Iceland, the soil is rich in andisols. Andisols are an important part of Hawaii’s soil. They can be found in volcanic areas and contain high levels iron, aluminum and silicon (Cresser and al., 2017). Andisols in Iceland are mostly found in the northern and western regions of the island. These areas are usually covered by layers of lava (Hersir 2018). Both regions have fertile soils that are both nutrient rich and water-retentive. This makes them ideal for crop growth. Cont…

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