The Potential of Recombinant DNA Technology

Recombinant DNA Technology’s Potential

Biotechnology is experiencing a breakthrough with recombinant genetic technology. This is the act of joining DNA molecules together from various sources to form recombinant genes. This technology is used to produce new genes, proteins, and it has played a major role in modern biotechnology. Scientists can now produce large quantities of protein, like insulin, much faster and cheaper than with traditional methods. The development of improved and better vaccines, anti-biotics and hormones has been made possible by recombinant DNA technology. This technology has been utilized to create transgenic animals and plants, which contain genes from different species. It has also been used to create genetically modified plants, which is when the genetic material of plants has been changed to resist pesticides or herbicides. Gene therapy has also been developed using recombinant genetic technology. Recombinant DNA technology is used to insert a new gene into someone’s body to repair or replace a defective gene. The technology can be used to treat many diseases such as cancer and cystic fibrosis (Shi 2019, 2019).

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