The point of physical education is to help students be physically active and learn about the importance of exercise. Does physical education teach students about the importance of physical activity as a human? Is physical education in schools useful or useless? Physical education (PE)

Physical education (PE).

Since many years, PE has been an integral part of schools’ curriculum. Physical education’s primary goal is to encourage students to exercise and learn about the benefits of exercising. But the real question here is whether physical education can effectively educate students on the benefits of being physically active as human beings. One side is that PE advocates argue that PE is vital to our overall health and well being. The other is that PE teachers must teach PE students how to exercise at school to avoid future health problems. In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, it was found that “PE classes can be an effective way to reach children and help them develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity” (Larbi et al., 2017). Schools also offer physical education to students, which helps them develop healthy lifestyle habits that can last a lifetime. Some argue that school physical education is outdated and unnecessary. Some argue that with technology becoming more prevalent in our society, physical activities are less essential than learning academic subjects (Harvey, et. al., 2020). Physical activity is also limited in time. Cont…

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