The Neutralization of Stomach Acid by an Antacid Tablet

Anticid Tablets Neutralize Stomach Acid

If the pH level of your stomach acid drops too much, you can feel heartburn and other symptoms. Antibiotic tablets are commonly used to lower acidity. A 27.82mL solution of 0.220M HCl is required to make an antacid tablets. This will allow you to adjust the tablet’s equivalence to your desired level (Bates (2015)). The antacid tablets can neutralize certain amounts of stomach acid that has a pH below 1.0. (Sharma 2017, First, determine the acid level in your stomach to find out how many antacid tablets can neutralize it. A pH scale measures the acidity of any solution. It ranges between 0 and 14. Acidic stomach acid (also known as hydrochloric acid) has a pH value of 1.0. According to Bates (2015), the stomach has a concentration of 0.1M hydrochloric. Use the same molarity to titrate antacid tablet. It can neutralize 27.82 mLs stomach acid.

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