The Nature of Mutation A in the Lac Operon of E. Coli

Nature of Mutation A at the Lac Operon of E. Coli

E. coli’s mutation A in the lac operon has caused the inability of lactose to ferment. The expression of this operon is also affected. These mutations have been discovered in various studies in recent years. A 2019 study by Babu and colleagues found that they had altered the transcription patterns of the operon. In 2020, further research suggested that mutations had caused changes in the promoter region. Das and al. 2020. Mutation A was a single-base mutation. The F’ factor that contained the wild type lac operon didn’t restore lactose fermentation ability. Single base pair changes are known as point mutations and can often be responsible for altering gene expression by changing promoter sites. Khan et al. (2016). Mutation A could be a point mutation at the promoter of the lac operon that causes inability for lactose to ferment.

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