The majority of gene expression regulators if not all touch the DNA and bind to the major groove. What do you say to explain why? Gene expression regulators

Gene expression regulators

The regulation of gene expression is a key component. This is when information from genes is used to create functional products. Gene expression regulators play an essential role. This regulator is responsible for controlling the active genes, their expression, and when. Nearly all gene expression regulators interact with DNA, even if they are not all. This includes binding to the major loop. Because the major groove offers a wider surface for regulatory molecules to bind, it makes it easier for these molecules to influence and interact with genes. It is also where regulatory molecules can access the DNA most easily. Also, active transcription factor, including co-activators or transcription factors, can bind to the major groove. They are essential for activating and controlling the transcription of genes. To properly interact and influence gene transcription, regulators of gene expression must be able to bind to the major groove. Lin et. al. have demonstrated this in numerous studies. Lin et al. (2020) identified and confirmed a key groove binding motif within the transcription factor Runx1. Cont…

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