The Limitations of Genetic Technology: Exploring the Moral Dilemmas of Editing Genes

The Limitations of Genetic Know-how: Exploring the Ethical Dilemmas of Modifying Genes

The introduction of genetic know-how has introduced forth a variety of ethical dilemmas, notably in relation to enhancing genes. If a child is born with a congenital coronary heart defect, would you take away the gene to save lots of their life? Most individuals would say sure, however the ethical implications of this are price exploring additional. Ought to mother and father be capable of select their kid’s intercourse, pores and skin tone, and even intelligence degree? What if solely the rich may afford it? And what in case you selected to not edit your youngster, however different mother and father did? The moral implications of genetic know-how are advanced. On the one hand, it may very well be argued that enhancing genes may assist to cut back the struggling of people by eliminating congenital well being defects and different ailments. Nonetheless, alternatively, it may very well be argued that it could be flawed to make use of genetic know-how to create a “designer child” with enhanced bodily and psychological traits. As famous by Ghebrehewet et al. (2020), “It’s important to contemplate the ethical, authorized and moral implications of genetic interventions earlier than they’re obtainable to the general public.”

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