The Hedgehog/Patched Pathway. The Hedgehog/Patched Pathway in Melanoma

Melanoma: The Hedgehog/Patched Pathway

Melanoma refers to a skin type of cancer that arises from melanocytes. They are the cells responsible skin pigmentation. The Hedgehog/Patched pathway (Hh/Ptc), has been recognized as the hallmark of melanoma in recent years. The Hh/Ptc signaling system regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and other processes. A mutation in this pathway’s components, including the Hedgehog ligand (Hh), and Patched (Ptc), can lead to overactivation and subsequent growth of melanoma cell (Chen & Hung, 2016). New therapeutic approaches for melanoma could be developed using the Hh/Ptc pathway, according to recent studies. Researchers have shown that small molecules and antibodies can be used to block the Hh/Ptc pathway. This could reduce the survival rate of melanoma cell growth (Cardoso, 2021). Evidence suggests that targeting the pathway may be beneficial when combined with other treatments, like immunotherapy, to treat metastatic melanomas (Weichert, et al. 2017). Cont….

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