The Final Temperature of Two Pieces of Metallic Nickel in a Calorimeter.Heat Capacity and Temperature Change of Nickel: A Thermodynamic Study (2015-2022)

An Thermodynamic Study of Heat Capacity, Temperature Change and Nickel’s Heat Capacity (2015-2022).

Two pieces of nickel of different initial temperatures can be placed into a calorimeter to reach the same temperature. The law of conservation energy states that if the heat released by or absorbed from the pieces is equal. In this case, a piece of metallic nickel initially at 120°C has three times the mass of a piece of nickel initially at 60.0°C. Wang, 2019, states that the sum of all the energy used to cool the pieces of nickel should be calculated in order to find their final temperatures. You can calculate the energy that a nickel piece releases using Q=mc/T. Here m is its mass, c the specific heat, and?T the temperature change. (Vogel 2020). The final temperature is calculated by applying the equation to both the nickel-nickel pieces and adding the combined energy. WANG, 2019, shows that the specific heat for nickel is 0.444 J/gK.

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