The Characteristics of a Ketohexose

A Ketohexose’s Characteristics

The ketohexose monosaccharide is simple sugar that has six carbon atoms. This carbohydrate is an essential component in many foods, and is a significant source of energy for both humans and animals. D-fructose is a natural ketohexose found in honey, fruits and vegetables (Greene 2019, 2019). You can also use it in processed foods as both a sweetener or preservative. One of the most striking features of ketohexose, however, is that it has a ketone (an oxygen-containing functional) group. The stability and sweetness of the molecule are both due to this group. Ketohexose therefore has lower chances of breaking down, and it is also more resistant against heat and acidity. Liu et. al. 2017 also stated that ketohexose is more likely to form glycosidic bond with other molecules making it a great sugar for food preservation. Ketohexose can also be found in certain pharmaceuticals including antifungal medicines. It’s also used for the manufacture of biodegradable materials and other materials.

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