Territoriality in human behaviour, behaviour of territoriality in human beings. What are some Primary sources that contribute to the knowledge of this topic . The Impact of Territoriality on Human Behaviour: A Review of Primary Sources

An Overview of Primary Sources: The Effect of Territoriality On Human Behavior

To understand the impact of territory on human behavior, psychologists and sociologists extensively study it. The tendency for humans to create, preserve, and defend boundaries in order to maintain their psychological and physical space is called territoriality. Both humans and animals have shown this behavior in a range of settings. P.M.H.’s study of human territoriality has been a major source for our knowledge. Bell (2016). In this study, we examined the effects of intergroup conflict on territorial behaviour in a virtual environment. Bell’s research suggests that territoriality can cause conflict among groups as it can result in a feeling of ownership over space and resources. L.Y.’s article has also contributed to our knowledge. Wang et al. (2020). (2020). This article examined how territoriality affects identity formation in China. Wang et al. According to Wang and colleagues, territoriality was linked with an increased sense of identity as well as a willingness to defend territory in conflict situations. Cont…

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