Students are required to complete a term paper on mental health, nursing management and available community resources.Mental Health Nursing Management

Mental Health Nursing Management

The nursing profession must be concerned about mental health. Patients can suffer from severe depression and other health problems (Smith, 2019). A thorough knowledge of community resources available to patients and families is essential for effective nursing management of their mental health (Jones 2020). The community-based mental clinics offer many services such as therapy and medication management. These clinics can be an invaluable resource for patients and can help to alleviate the burden on hospitals and other healthcare facilities (Parker & Williams, 2021). Another important resource is peer support groups, which can provide a sense of community and a safe space for individuals to discuss their experiences with mental health challenges (McCarthy & Scott, 2020). This can prove especially useful for those individuals who might not be able to access more conventional forms of mental healthcare treatment such as medication or therapy. (Jones 2019).

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