State destination marketing organizations (DMOs): Montana: Montana Office of Tourism Intranet, Analyze the attractions of the state. Using the content, draw conclusions about the focus of the DMO’s efforts. For example, every state has a travel guide and other items to facilitate travel to the particular state geared toward the individual traveler. The trade, meeting planners, tour operators, and incentives also have targeted brochures. Describe the attractions/entertainment in the state. Identify the brand for the state, and highlight how the destination is focusing on this brand. For instance, the brand for North Carolina is “Deeper Connections.” Finally, investigate the individual traveler, industry, and trade to find how the state addresses this brand. How does the DMO market to the individual and trade? Identify key marketing, management, and financial issues facing their operations. Montana’s Destination Marketing Organization: Focusing on Deeper Connections

Montana’s Destination Marketing Organization – Focusing on deeper connections

Montana Office of Tourism Intranet provides a wealth of information to draw tourists to Montana. It includes a travel guide, brochures to individual travelers and tour operators as well as meeting planners and trade organisations. The MOT has identified a brand for the state of Montana – “Deeper Connections” – which is focused around the idea of a deeper connection, not only with the state’s beauty, but also with the people, culture, and history of the region (MOT, 2021). MOT developed many strategies to promote Montana to individual tourists, including highlighting Montana’s outdoor activities, history and culture. The MOT also has strategies for targeting trade groups and meeting planners. For example, it offers incentives to attend events in Montana or discounts for large group bookings (MOT, 2002). By focusing on the concept of “Deeper Connections,” the MOT is able to promote the state of Montana to individual travelers, trade organizations, and meeting planners alike. As the MOT continues to focus on “Deeper Connections”, they will need to address… Cont…

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