Some drugs may reduce DNA methylation at the promoter of the reelin gene. What is the likely impact that this has on reelin expression? The Impact of Reduced DNA Methylation at the Reelin Gene Promoter on Reelin Expression

Reelin Expression and the Impact of DNA Metylation Reductions at Reelin Gene Promoter

DNA methylation, an epigenetic mechanism responsible for controlling gene expression through altering the structure of the chromatin and making it more accessible to the gene, is an important one. Decitabine and 5-azacytidine, two drugs that have been proven to lower DNA methylation at their promoters, are important for neuronal mobility during brain development, and plasticity (Wu, Li, and 2021). In turn, this alteration to DNA methylation might lead to changes of reelin expression. Research has shown that increasing reelin expression can be achieved by reducing DNAmethylation at reelin gene promoter (Wu and al. 2016, Li et. al., 2021). The increased expression of reelin has been proven to be important in neuronal plasticity, as well as the formation and maintenance of synaptic links. The normal brain function and development of neuronal architecture is affected by an increased level of expression of reelin (Wu et. al. 2016, Li et. al., 202). Cont…

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