Review the Learning Resources on psychological development.Dani’s High-Risk Behaviors

Dani’s High-Risk Behaviors

A study by Wang et. al. in 2020 found that Dani engages in several risky behaviors including self-harm and substance abuse. This behavior is often associated with negative consequences such as mental and physical health issues. It can also be driven by psychological issues like trauma, low self-esteem and poor coping strategies. Dani’s high risk behaviors can be addressed using a mix of theory and skills. A cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), for example, could be used to help Dani identify and correct her negative thoughts and behavior patterns (Beck and colleagues, 2019). Dani could benefit from mindfulness-based treatments such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to manage her emotions, and help her cope with stress better (Linehan (2015)). Dani may have a lot to do with her behavior and moods due to the influence of family members. Research has demonstrated that conflicted or negative family relationships can cause psychological issues such as anxiety and depression (Jang, 2021).

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