Review the Learning Resources on interviewing an informant for a community needs assessment.LGBTQ+ Discrimination Interview

Interview on LGBTQ+ Discrimination

For my Final Project, I would like to interview a stakeholder who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and has personally experienced discrimination regarding equal housing, employment, and medical insurance/healthcare. This informant has firsthand knowledge and experience of this issue. Their perspective can provide valuable insights into the problems. Here are five open-ended questions that I would ask the informant: Can you tell me about a specific experience where you faced discrimination regarding equal housing, employment, or medical insurance/healthcare? This experience had a significant impact on your life and wellbeing. What are your thoughts on the major factors that contribute to discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people regarding these topics? Is there anything you believe can be done to stop this kind of discrimination? Do you have any other stories to share? I will use these questions to help me understand more about the problem and how it affects the lives of people who are affected.

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