Repetitive elements in the genome are found either interspersed, or in tandem array in. Give an example of a repetitive element in the genome that is found in a tandem array and one that is interspersed. The Impact of Repetitive Elements in the Genome

Repetitive elements and their impact on the Genome

These are DNA sequences that appear repeatedly in the genome. They can either be genetic material or proteins and can have an impact on gene expression, regulation, etc. (Gurzov 2019). An arrangement that contains repeated elements in a continuous, unbroken fashion is called a tandem array (Meyer, et al. 2017,). A few tandem arrays are found in human genomes such as LTR retrotransposons (long terminal repeat). LTR retrotransposons, a mobile type of genetic element, can be moved around the genome and replicate or insert themselves in new places (Liu, et al. 2020). However, interspersed repetitive element are dispersed throughout the genome, and they aren’t placed in a continuous, unbroken fashion (Kumar, 2021). The short interspersed nucleus element (SINE), a non-autonomous mobile genetic element, is an example of this type of element. It often inserts itself in new places within the genome. Kim et al. (2016). Cont….

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