Region of interest: Australia describe the main causes driving your assigned major threat to soil and how it leads to soil degradation and loss of ecosystem services. be sure to describe the specific causes of this problem in the chosen geographical socioeconomics and food insecurity. The Threat of Soil Salinization in Australia

Australia: The Threat of Soil Salinization

The soil salinization of Australia is a serious threat. It negatively impacts the environment as well as the socioeconomics. Many factors contribute to soil salting, including climate change, water use practices and human activities, like mining and oil extraction (Mann 2020). The main cause of soil saltization in Australia is climate change. This happens because of the increased temperatures that lead to evaporation, and higher soil concentrations (Wang, et al. 2020). Long-term irrigation has also contributed to salt accumulation in soils and water supplies, which led to soil salinization (Mann 2020). Additional human activity, such as mining and oil extraction, has also contributed to this problem (Wang et. al., 2020). Many effects of soil salting include a decline in fertility and increased soil erosion (Mann 2020). It has resulted in a decline in agricultural production in the country, which has caused food insecurity. This also has an effect on the country’s socio-economics as salinized soils produce less and are more susceptible to erosion.

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