Recognize how cultural differences modify the physical environment, and conversely, how environmental conditions affect humans in various cultural settings. The Interplay Between Cultural Differences and Environmental Conditions

The interplay between cultural differences and environmental conditions

Culture differences can dramatically affect how different groups interact with each other and the environment. As the French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss notes, “Every society makes a selection of its environmental elements and turns them to its own use.” (Strauss, 2016). The selection process is visible in many ways. Some areas may hunt certain species for their food, but others protect and venerate the species. Some areas might have traditional farming methods that can be adapted to their local environment, while others may use modern agricultural technology. However, the environment can have a significant impact on how individuals interact with their surroundings. In extreme climates, for example, it is possible that people will need to change their lifestyles and clothes in order to live in safety. As the sociologist Anthony P. Cohen explains, “The environmental conditions…impose upon the culture specific forms of behavior and activities” (Cohen, 2019). While some environments may restrict the variety of animals or plants that are available for food in some places, others can provide the opportunity to grow more diverse species. Cont…

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