Pros and Cons on genetic testing in the workplace? Provide a reference to support your thoughts? Genetic Testing in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

The Pros and the Cons of Genetic Testing at Work:

Genetic testing in the workplace can provide employers with valuable information related to an employee’s health and fitness, allowing them to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring and evaluating job performance. Genetic testing at work can pose ethical and legal problems. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of genetic testing in order to decide whether it is right for you organization. Pros of Genetic Testing in the Workplace; One of the primary benefits of genetic testing in the workplace is that it can provide employers with valuable information related to an employee’s fitness and health. For example, genetic testing can reveal an employee’s risk of developing certain diseases or disorders, making it easier for employers to make decisions related to insurance coverage and job assignments (Lerman et al., 2017). Employers can also use genetic testing to identify individuals who may be predisposed to developing certain conditions. This allows them to offer the appropriate accommodation or assistance (Robbins and al. 2020). Genetic Testing at Work: There are some cons to genetic testing. Genetic testing can raise ethical and legal concerns. One example is genetic testing being used to discriminate against someone based upon their genetic makeup (Gottlieb 2002). Genetic testing may also be used to gather information that an individual does not wish to share with their employer. This raises privacy concerns (M. Brown, 2021). Cont…..

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