POSSIDI Write down a list of your daily activities that you typically do on a weekday. For instance get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, dry your hair etc (minimum ten activities). Which of these 5 activities can be done in form of parallelism? For each activity discuss if 15 they are working in parallel, but if not, why they are not and estimate how much shorter time it will take to complete all the activities if it is done in parallel. Exploring Parallelism in Everyday Activities

The Use of Parallelism for Everyday Activities

Parallelism, a computing concept that allows you to do multiple tasks at once is called parallelism. It can help reduce time and improve efficiency. This essay will discuss which activities I can do in parallel during weekdays and what time it takes to save them. The typical activities I do during the week include getting up, dressing, breakfast, washing my hair and drying it. Brushing my teeth can be done simultaneously with drying my hair. They don’t depend upon each other. So, I can brush my teeth while drying my hair with the hairdryer. It will be quicker and easier to do both the first task before moving on to the second. You can also eat your breakfast and brush your teeth simultaneously. My breakfast can be eaten while I brush my teeth. As I am able to multitask, it will cut down on the time required to finish each task. But not all my tasks can be completed simultaneously. It is impossible to get up from your bed and take a shower while you are getting dressed. They are dependent upon the (Wilkins 2022). Cont…

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