Please submit to me the disaster you would like to write on and the year it occured, why you are choosing it, and at least one news or scientific article about the disaster.

Haiti Earthquake 2010: Devastating Natural Disaster

Haiti’s 2010 earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit the area. Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010. It left more than 230,000 dead, and 1.5 million homeless. (Gelman 2017, 2017). The earthquake caused widespread destruction of infrastructure, homes, and buildings, and triggered a humanitarian crisis in the small Caribbean nation (“Earthquake in Haiti,” 2020). As the country’s healthcare and economic systems failed to adequately respond to its population, this disaster presented a major challenge to both the Haitian government and humanitarian organizations. Haitian citizens were most affected by the devastating effects of this earthquake. The earthquake resulted in the death of many people, extensive destruction to infrastructure and buildings, as well as economic losses estimated at $7.8billion (Gelman 2017, 2017). In addition, the earthquake triggered a series of landslides and flooding, exacerbating the already fragile conditions in the country (“Earthquake in Haiti,” 2020).

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