Please select the correct answers. CDKs initiate every aspect of each cell cycle stage by phosphorylating many different target proteins. TRUE OF FALSE. The Role of Cyclin-Dependent Kinases (CDKs) in Cell Cycle Stages: True or False?

Cyclin-Dependent kinases (CDKs), in cell cycle stages: true or false?

Cyclin-Dependent Kines (CDKs), are an enzyme family that plays a crucial role in the regulation and progression of cells. Through phosphorylation, they initiate every aspect of the cell cycle. This is crucial for the timely and orderly progression of the cell cycle. It ensures proper duplication of and segregation. Recent studies have demonstrated that CDKs are required for the proper control of all cell cycle stages (Gómez-López et al., 2019; Zhou et al., 2020). Cyclins regulate the activity of CDKs by binding to regulatory proteins called cyclins. These regulator proteins help reduce and increase the CDK’s activity. Cyclins regulate the activity of CDKs by increasing and decreasing in cell cycles. This regulates the progression of cells and ensures that genetic material is properly replicated. Cont…

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