please provide a name the gene and the environmental stimulus that affects expression. Briefly explain your understanding of your example with a journal article and please provide a reference. You should explain how the environmental stimulus exerts an effect on gene expression. You should also explain what occurs once the stimulus is removed and the significance of this gene regulation. The Regulation of Gene Expression by Environmental Stimuli: A Focus on the Nrf2-ARE Pathway

The regulation of gene expression by environmental stimuli: A focus on the Nrf2-ARE pathway

Gene expression describes the transformation of genetic information into functional molecules such as proteins. The activation or modification of epigenetic pathways, as well as signaling pathways can affect gene expression. The Nrf2-ARE pathway is one example. It is activated when exposed to ultraviolet radiation or oxidative stress (Hassan 2020). Yoon and colleagues, 2017, describe the Nrf2-ARE pathway as a transcriptional regulatory mechanism that reacts to environmental stresses by upregulating the expression a number of cytoprotective genes. After being exposed to an environment stressor, Nrf2 becomes free from its inhibitory complex, and is transferred to the nucleus, where it binds with antioxidant response elements (AREs), which are found in promoters for target genes (Hassan 2020). The result is the activation of these genes, as well as the production and maintenance of antioxidant and cytoprotective proteins (Yoon and al. 2017, 2017). Regulation of Gene Expression in response to Environmental Stressors: The Role Of Nrf2. It plays an important part in controlling the expression of genes when there are environmental stressors. When an environment stressor is applied, Nrf2 activates the transcription factor. Cont….

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