Pick one existent hotel and explain: a. Briefly describe the company. How is their workflow? Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

A 2020 Journal of Tourism Management article states that the Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hotel company with 90+ hotels across 30+ countries (Choi and co., 2020). It is known for its outstanding customer service, attention to detail and brand personality, which are described as luxurious, sophisticated, and professional (Choi and al. 2020). Ritz-Carlton has a premium pricing strategy. Room rates start at several hundred dollars per person. Customers include affluent travellers who can afford high-end experiences and amenities. Ritz-Carlton hotels provide a broad range of amenities including spas, restaurants and fitness centres, along with business and meeting spaces (Choi, et al. 2020). The Ritz-Carlton places a lot of emphasis on employee training and development. It has an “Gold Standards” program that describes the company’s customer service policy and the expectations of employees (Choi and al. 2020).

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