Name two characters of insects that they don’t share with other arthropods.

The Uniqueness of Insect Characters

Bugs are distinctive in some ways and two of probably the most distinct traits that separate them from different arthropods are the presence of antennae and the three-part physique plan. Bugs have antennae which are used for sensing the atmosphere, whereas different arthropods lack these appendages (Dunn, 2016). Moreover, bugs have a three-part physique plan consisting of the pinnacle, thorax, and stomach, whereas different arthropods have an exoskeleton that’s segmented into a number of components (Kumar et al., 2021). These two traits are distinctive to bugs and usually are not shared with different arthropods. Bugs are additionally distinctive in the best way they transfer, feed, and reproduce. Bugs are able to flying and leaping, which different arthropods can not do (Dunn, 2016). Moreover, bugs have advanced to feed on quite a lot of meals sources, akin to crops and different animals, which different arthropods are unable to do (Kumar et al., 2021). Lastly, insect replica is exclusive amongst arthropods due to the presence of metamorphosis, which isn’t seen in different arthropods (Dunn, 2016).

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