Name two characters of insects that they don’t share with other arthropods. The Uniqueness of Insect Characters

Insect characters are unique

There are many unique characteristics to insects. The presence of antennae, and three-part body structure are two that distinguish them from other arthropods. The antennae of insects are useful for measuring the environmental conditions. Other arthropods don’t have these. Insects also have three parts to their bodies: the head, abdomen and thorax. Other arthropods, on the other hand, have an exoskeleton which is divided into many pieces (Kumar, et al. 2021). These traits are exclusive to insects, and they aren’t shared with any other arthropods. The way insects move, feed and reproduce is also very unique. Dunn (2016). Insects can fly and jump, something that other arthropods lack. Kumar et. al., 2002). Insects have also evolved to eat different food sources than other arthropods. The presence of metamorphosis in insect reproduction makes it unique among arthropods.

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