NAD+ and FAD are called _______ because they move electrons and hydrogen ions throughout the cell to the mitochondria.

Cellular Respiration: The Role Of FAD and NAD+

NAD+, FAD and other coenzymes are vital components in the metabolism of all living organisms and essential to the production of energy. Both FAD and nicotinamide-adenine diucleotide are known as flavin amino dinucleotide or NAD+. They can be found in all organisms. They play a role in the oxidation and reduction reactions of metabolism. Cellular respiration is the process by which energy is provided to cells. The cell’s mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration, which is vital in order to produce energy. It begins by oxidizing glucose to make pyruvate. Next, it continues with an array of oxidative reaction known as the Krebs Cycle. NAD+ (and FAD) are essential for the proper functioning of a cell. They transfer electrons, hydrogen ions and provide the necessary energy. NAD+ and FAD are vital components of cellular respiration.

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