Monosaccharide structure 4. Draw two epimers (one at carbon-3 and another at Aldohexose: D – Idose carbon-4) of your aldohexose in chain form, and give their correct names.

D-Idose carbon-4: Structural Epimers in Aldohexose

An epimer is an isomeric molecular that has only one or a small group of atoms in common. Aldohexose’s epimers refer to molecules which differ in either the carbon-3 or the carbon-4 carbon atoms. D-Idose Carbon-4 is an aldohexose that can have two epimers. Their names and chains can be found here. D-Idose Carbon-3 (the first epimer) is an aldohexose containing the hydroxyl groups at each carbon. The aldopentose type is another name for this aldohexose. Its chemical formula is C5H10O5 (Rudzki 2018). D-Idose Carbon-4 is the second epimer. It’s an aldohexose that has the hydroxyl group on the fourth carbon. Also known as aldohexose, this type of aldohexose can also be called D-Idose Carbon-4. It is chemically described as C6H12O6. The molecular weight of this compound is 180.16g/mol. (Rudzki 2018, Rudzki). Two epimers for D-Idose carbon-4 can be derived in chain form. Their correct names are also possible. D-Idose Carbon-3 is an aldopentose and D-Idose Carbon-4 is the first epimer.

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