Many non-silicate minerals are economically important. List 4 uses for non-silicate minerals. The Uses of Non-Silicate Minerals

The Makes use of of Non-Silicate Minerals

Non-silicate minerals are minerals that don’t comprise silicon or oxygen, and they’re an important pure useful resource in lots of industries. These minerals are economically essential and have many sensible makes use of. The 4 most typical makes use of for non-silicate minerals are industrial functions, development, agricultural merchandise, and medical expertise. Industrial functions are widespread and embody the manufacturing of gasoline, sure metals, and chemical substances. For instance, petroleum, which is a hydrocarbon, is a non-silicate mineral used within the manufacturing of many industrial merchandise (“What’s Non-Silicate Mineral”, 2019). Non-silicate minerals are additionally utilized in development, as some are abrasive supplies utilized in reducing and grinding instruments. Talc, asbestos, and graphite are among the most typical minerals utilized in development (“Non-Silicate Minerals and Their Makes use of”, 2019). Agriculture additionally depends on non-silicate minerals within the type of fertilizers. Phosphates and nitrates are each non-silicate minerals present in pure sources and used within the manufacturing of fertilizers that assist improve crop manufacturing (“What’s Non-Silicate Mineral”, 2019). Cont…

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