Location of our star, the Sun- What effect did the distance between the sun and the planet have on the evolution of the Earth? and Saturn? The Effects of Distance from the Sun on the Evolution of Earth and Saturn

Evolution of Earth & Saturn: Effects of Sun Distance

The Sun lies at the centre of the Solar System. This means that the distance between the Sun and other planets had an important impact on each planet’s evolution. Earth is the nearest planet to the Sun. This has enabled it to experience more solar radiation and has maintained a temperature range that’s suitable for living things. For example, the Earth’s distance from the Sun has allowed for the formation of a liquid water ocean, which is necessary for the development of life (Chyba, Hand and Cohen, 2016). Saturn however, is far more distant from the Sun. It has a colder temperature range. Saturn does not have a liquid ocean, making it unsuitable for life (Gautier and al., 2019, 2019). Earth is now in a stable orbit due to its distance to the Sun. This has proven to be beneficial to life. The Earth’s orbit is close enough to the Sun that it receives a constant amount of solar radiation, allowing for the formation of stable climates and seasons. Complex ecosystems have been created and sustain life thanks to this (Chyba and al. 2020). In contrast, Saturn’s orbit is… Cont…

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