Locate three websites in order to complete the goal stated above—international strategic planning.Website review

Website review

M.H. Long, S.Y. Lo (2019). This site discusses Apple Inc.’s international marketing strategies and their success in reaching global markets. Apple’s adaptability to changing cultural and economic contexts, combined with the use of customized marketing strategies is what has made them successful. According to the authors, Apple is a global market leader because of its adaptability. R.W. created “International Marketing Strategy, An Analytical Framework”, the second website. Paliwoda, D.J. Harrison (2021). This website provides an analytical framework that can be used to help understand international marketing strategies. According to the authors, international marketing strategies must take into account a wide range of factors such as economic and cultural conditions. The authors agree that international marketing strategies must be considered a variety of factors. P. Kotler & K.L. have created the website “International Marketing Strategy, An Overview”. Keller (2019). Keller (2019). To be effective in international marketing, companies must be open to change. For international marketing success to succeed, I agree with the authors.

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