List the key elements of a health and safety management system. Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees with a Management System

Use a management system to ensure the safety and health of employees

An organization’s health and safety system (HSMS), is a systematic approach to safety and health management. It is used to make sure that their workers and visitors feel safe at work. The HSMS can help organizations reduce the risk of injury or illness in their workplaces and provide a positive work environment. A safety policy, hazard assessment and risk assessment and safety training are the key components of an HSMS. They also include incident investigation and corrective actions. The HSMS’s cornerstone is its safety policy. It outlines the organization’s commitment to health and safety and serves as a guide for all other elements of the system. The framework will help you achieve your health and safety goals. The organization’s safety policy should be reviewed and updated at least once a year (Grieco, 2016). Hazard identification and Risk Assessment is the process of finding workplace hazards and then assessing their risks. After hazards are identified, organizations can then take appropriate actions. Cont…

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