List and describe seven examples of addictive behaviors presented in the text. Choose one particular. Addictive Behaviors Examples

Exemples of addictive behaviors

A recent study published in Journal of Addiction Medicine (2019) reveals that addictive behavior can be divided into seven types: Substance abuse disorders: This refers to the overuse of prescription drugs such as marijuana and alcohol. Behavioral addictions include the compulsion to indulge in certain activities, like gambling, shopping, or internet usage. Obsessive thinking about food or unhealthy eating habits are examples of eating disorders. A compulsive urge to exercise too often, at the expense or neglect of other vital activities. Obsessive devotion to work can lead to neglect of other important areas. An obsession with sexual thoughts and behaviors can lead to sexual addiction. An unhealthy obsession with romance can lead to love addiction, which often leads to codependent relationships. These behaviors may have severe negative effects on a person’s mental and physical health. According to an article in The Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (2021), individuals should seek help if they suspect they are suffering from an addiction.

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