Lamarcks ideas differed from Damns because Lamarck vs. Darwin: The Debate Over NaturLamal Selection only Darwin postulated.

Lamarck or Darwin? The Debate Over NaturLamal Selection

Since 1921, the debate between Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (Charles Darwin) has continued. Lamarck proposed the idea of “inheritance of acquired characteristics”, which suggested that organisms could pass down traits acquired during their lifetime to their offspring. Darwin on the other side proposed natural selection. This suggests that organisms are capable of evolving over time as a result of the environment and process of adaptation. Lamarck’s theories and ideas were quickly discarded once the theory of natural Selection was developed. The debate between Lamarck, Darwin, and his ideas has been widely discarded. These theories can have different implications on understanding evolution and how adaptation works. Lamarck’s theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics implies that organisms can pass on traits acquired during their lifetime, while Darwin’s theory of natural selection suggests that organisms can adapt and evolve as a result of their environment. In recent years, there has been some evidence to suggest that Lamarck’s ideas may not be so far-fetched after all. Researchers at University of California Berkeley discovered that certain traits can be transmitted from mother-to-offspring in 2016. Cont….

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